All of our Inflatable equipment is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, however if you wish to use the equipment outdoors but do not have an available grass area for set up it will be classed as Hardstanding and additional safety measures are applicable.

Legally, all our Inflatable equipment that is to be installed outdoors on a hard surface have at least 163kg of weight applied to each pegging point, on some items that can be as many as 25 pegging points. As it is not feasible or logistically possible to transport 1000's of Kg's of weight to your venue, other options will need to be looked at.

Funtime Bounce offer a Drill and Bolt option which is dependant on the suitability of the surface and is a charged at £5.00 per anchor point. Our trained operative will drill into the ground and secure the anchor points with specifically designed bolts which meet the load requirements mentioned above. The bolts are 80mm in length and 10mm diameter, we also offer to fill in the holes before we leave site with either a concrete mix or silicone.

Please note that these restrictions do not apply to Inflatables being installed indoors 

Inflatable equipment health and safety drills and bolts

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